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SoilBio Compost


SoilBio Compost


April 2023

Soil is the foundation to a healthy life. SoilBio Compost is a project that aims to revolutionize organic waste management (with our partnering family farm- Toll Ranch) by creating biologically complete compost. By focusing on a diverse mix of organic materials in carefully controlled conditions, SoilBio Compost is able to produce a nutrient-rich soil amendment that can improve soil health, retain moisture, and support nutrient dense plant growth. With this compost we aim to enhance our soil health and improve plant growth by promoting the growth of beneficial microorganisms and increasing nutrient availability. The result is a sustainable and planet-friendly way to enrich soil and support healthy plant growth resulting in nutrient rich food. Alex is focusing hard on building a biologically complete compost pile for his Soil Food Web Consultancy qualifications so we can help our communities do the the same.

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