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East Neuk Microgreens off to a Good Start

Two weekends ago, Alex delivered our first batch of microgreens to Ardross Farm Shop and we could not be more delighted to be working with this local family business. This first batch was delivered on Thursday, April 11th, and was sold out by Saturday!

We have now restocked Ardross Farm Shop and going forward stocks will be replenished weekly. Currently available in store and online are the pea shoots for an uplift (sweet nutty flavour) and the radishes for a little kickstart (fresh, peppery flavour).

You can enjoy microgreens in many different ways, in smoothies, added to salads, they look beautiful on top of soups and pizza's, in sandwiches or just as a snack. Alex did training for the Ardross Farm Shop team. During the team training the wraps were a big hit with everyone agreeing they would definitely make them at home. We've put this wrap recipe as well as the smoothie recipe on our website. Check it out for some microgreen inspiration.

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