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Uniting for a Cleaner Coast: The Power of Community Beach Cleanups

The sun-kissed shores, the rhythmic lull of the waves, and the salty breeze—it's easy to be enchanted by the beauty of our Scottish beaches. Yet, beneath the surface of this idyllic scenery often lies a less picturesque truth: litter and pollution. Plastic bottles, cigarette butts, and other debris mar the coastline, posing threats to marine life and ecosystems. However, there's hope on the horizon in the form of community beach cleanups. In March we, Steading & Co., had the pleasure of taking part in Friends of Largo Bay (part of Largo Communities Together) beach clean along Largo Bay. We were part of 99 volunteers and the group of four that we teamed up with, together cleaned up 10kg of rubbish from the beach.

The Problem at Hand: Beach Pollution

Our oceans are drowning in plastic, with millions of tons of debris entering marine ecosystems each year. Much of this waste originates from land-based sources, making its way to the ocean through rivers, storm drains, and direct littering. Plastic pollution harms marine life through ingestion, entanglement, and habitat destruction, while also contaminating water and endangering human health. From March's beach clean up, every item cleaned off the beach will be accounted for in the crucial efforts to assist the Marine Conversation Society with the data necessary to influence policy decisions aimed at protecting our environment.

The Solution in Action: Community Beach Cleanups

Community beach cleanups offer a tangible and empowering solution to the pervasive problem of coastal pollution. Friends of Largo Bay are excited to announce five more beach cleans scheduled for this year, revisiting the areas tackled in March. To get involved follow their Facebook group - search Friends of Largo Bay, and to stay informed through their newsletters and emails, which can be subscribed to by contacting

Community beach cleanups exemplify the power of collective action and grassroots activism in tackling environmental challenges. By coming together to care for our coastal environments, we not only safeguard the health of our oceans and marine life but also strengthen the bonds of community and inspire positive change. So, let's roll up our sleeves, grab a bag, and work together to ensure cleaner, healthier shores for generations to come.

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